Founding Partner

Paul Goodwin

A political pollster for more than 20 years, Paul Goodwin has particular expertise in public opinion research for political campaigns and public policy issues. He has conducted research and provided strategic campaign advice to dozens of candidates running for federal, state and local office across the nation. In addition, Mr. Goodwin has special expertise in ballot initiative and referendum campaigns. Mr. Goodwin’s public policy expertise includes issues such as taxes, health care, education, the environment, traffic and congestion and economic development. More >

Founding Partner

Amy Simon

A founding partner at Goodwin Simon Strategic Research, Amy Simon brings three decades of political experience to her work as a pollster and communications strategist. She conducts public opinion research on a variety of public policy issues. Her clients include state and local government, nonprofits, foundations, labor unions, and both political and candidate committees. She has worked on candidate, ballot measure and public education campaigns at the federal, state and local level in over 40 U.S. states, as well as internationally. More >



John Whaley, PhD

John Whaley joined Goodwin Simon Strategic Research as Senior Research Director after serving as Vice President at Peter D. Hart Research Associates in Washington, D.C. and California. More >

Research Director

Naser Javaid, PhD

A Research Director at Goodwin Simon, Naser has extensive experience with quantitative and qualitative methodologies, and his professional background allows him to view and approach research questions from a unique perspective. More >

Research Analyst

Christa Reid

Christa Reid graduated from Boston College with dual degrees in Chemistry and Economics. While in pursuit of her degrees, she researched the effects that generic drugs have on prescription drug prices while entering into the pharmaceutical market. She’s also assisted in quantitative research regarding the economics of inequality and how it translates to educational systems, life expectancies, and recidivism rates. More >

Research Analyst

James Telesford, MA

James Telesford brings a broad knowledge base of qualitative and quantitative research methods steeped in years of academic research experience to GSSR. His research background includes a range of topics and social issues, with a particular emphasis on racial identity, stereotypes and stigmatization, belonging/rejection, and attitudes and personality…

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Research Analyst

Yule Kim, JD

Yule Kim is a political research and communications professional who has worked on numerous candidate campaigns, independent expenditures, and progressive advocacy projects. Before starting at Goodwin Simon, Yule worked on the paid media efforts for Tom Steyer’s 2020 presidential campaign and his Need to Impeach campaign. While there, he oversaw the media buying for one of the largest paid media programs of the election cycle…

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Senior Messaging Specialist

Justin Adams

Justin Adams is deeply passionate about social justice issues and has supported work on a range of progressive issues, campaigns, and organizations over the past 15 years. Most recently, he co-founded Happy Adams B.V., a Netherlands-based communications firm that provides freelance communication services to nonprofit organizations worldwide.

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Operations Manager

Samantha Settlemoire

Samantha Settlemoire is responsible for managing operations for Goodwin Simon Strategic Research, including finance, HR, contracting, scheduling, and logistics support for research projects.  More >

Senior Messaging Specialist

Carla Aguirre Piris

Recognized as a messaging expert for social change, Carla Aguirre Piris is a forward-thinking strategist with 17 years of success in orchestrating programs and initiatives to advance global gender equality and human rights. No stranger to challenging issues, Carla leverages her passion for developing powerful narratives and framing strategies to change minds and catalyze wide-spread positive change..

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Research Analytst

Andrea Hackl

Andrea Hackl is a researcher with extensive experience working on a wide range of issues including human rights and social justice. At GSSR, Andrea conducts a mix of qualitative and quantitative research both in the U.S. and globally.

Before joining GSSR, Andrea worked as an independent researcher providing research and writing services for non-profit organizations and academic institutions working at the intersections of tech policy and human rights. More >