Goodwin Simon Strategic Research is an independent public opinion research firm. We offer a comprehensive array of quantitative and qualitative research services and strategic communications consulting to our clients in the U.S. and across the globe. Our cutting-edge approach is built on decades of experience in polling, social and political marketing, policy analysis, program evaluation, and communications strategy.

We help clients succeed and accelerate lasting social change through a genuinely collaborative and iterative process that leverages the latest findings in psychology, behavior change, and neuroaffective research across a wide range of public issues. These include emotionally complex and socially sensitive topics such as immigration, abortion, marriage for same-sex couples, privacy, marijuana, medical aid-in-dying, health care access for people who are transgender, non-discrimination protections for and religious welcoming of LGBTQ people, gun safety, education, racial justice, sexual violence prevention, and climate change.

GSSR is accepting applications for a Research Analyst/Project Coordinator and for Internships.


Changing Minds on Tough Issues

Over the last decade, we have developed a cutting-edge approach to unpacking emotional reactions and developing effective messaging around complex and socially controversial issues.

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Cutting-Edge Methodologies

A polling firm is only as good as the numbers it provides. We apply rigorous methodological standards to all of the research we do, since accurate numbers are critical for a winning strategy.

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What We Do Works

Our clients come back year after year, and refer others to us. More importantly, our clients have been succeeding in their election campaigns, public sector programs, and union or nonprofit advocacy efforts.

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