Goodwin Simon Strategic Research is an independent opinion research firm that does work in the US and globally, and is based in California. GSSR Founding Partners Paul Goodwin and Amy Simon and Partner John Whaley have decades of experience in polling, social and political marketing, policy analysis, program evaluation, and communications strategy for clients in the public and private sectors.

Our Values

At Goodwin Simon Strategic Research, we believe in the clients we work for, clients who share our idealism and our commitment to making a better world. We believe that on a good day, what we do can make a difference for our nation and for our children. We trust that on the bad days, at least we are doing no harm.

You Get Us

We believe in hard work. We strictly limit the number of clients we take each year. The payoff here is simple: attention to your projects. We stake our reputation on our commitment to quality research and to ensuring our accessibility throughout the course of a project or campaign, including during the election season.

Hands-On Approach

We have a hands-on philosophy. We believe the pollster is a critical part of your strategic team and should be involved in major discussions about message development and delivery. We work closely with your team to develop the best possible research program that meets your needs while staying within your budget.

Client Partnership

We are highly collaborative and respect the knowledge and expertise you will bring to this research. We believe our research is most effective when clients are active partners in the research process, allowing us to place our research at the key intersection between public perception, policy, and political realities.

Record of Success

We think what we are doing is working. Our clients come back year after year, and refer others to us. More importantly, our clients have been succeeding in their legislative, election, and public education campaigns, in their public sector programs, and in their union or nonprofit advocacy efforts.

Competitive Pricing

We do our best to provide fair costs for the top quality and innovative research that we conduct. We are sensitive to the realities of our client’s budget limitations. So please know we will always work with you to maximize the learning and understanding that can be gained for the budget you have to work with.