Issue Expertise

Consumer Protection

We have extensive experience conducting research on local and statewide ballot initiatives and public education campaigns to curb predatory lending practices, advance tort reform, and protect consumer privacy.

Revenue Measures

We have helped more than 50 cities, K-12 school districts, college districts, and city and county agencies pass more than 60 bonds, parcel taxes, transient occupancy taxes, sales taxes, and other types of taxes and fees, raising billions of dollars for vital public services.

Electing Women & Minorities

Leveraging our unique understanding of how attitudes about race, gender, and sexual orientation impact voter perceptions, we have effectively helped women, people of color, and LGBT candidates win elected office across the country–in many cases, becoming the first gender, race, or sexual minority to serve in those positions.

Gun Safety

We have conducted qualitative and quanititative research designed to reframe the public debate about gun safety and reform, including on issues related to concealed carry permits and background checks.