Issue Expertise

Health Care

We have deep experience across the country conducting attitudinal and communications-related research on health care issues, including on transgender health care coverage, medical aid in dying, health disparities, health care reform, reducing smoking and consumption of sugar-loaded beverages, expanding awareness of Alzheimer’s, support for new mothers, insurance industry accountability, and increasing interest in health professions.


Our transportation-related work has included annual customer satisfaction studies, research on tax increases to fund rail transit, research on Automated Highway Systems, and focus groups on creating innovative personalized mass transit.

Labor Unions

In many fights across the nation, our research has helped unions to win their battles, whether it is stopping Wal-Mart from opening a new store, defeating business efforts to gut the workers’ compensation system in Washington, increasing affordable housing, protecting undocumented workers and combating contractor abuse in construction trades, or helping to pass living wage ordinances.

Drug Policy

We have conducted as much or more voter research on marijuana issues as any other public opinion firm in the nation. Since 2002, we have conducted 28 projects on marijuana and drug policy reform, decriminalization, and medical marijuana across the country, and ballot measures in nearly a dozen states.