Paul Goodwin, Founding Partner

A political pollster for more than 20 years, Paul Goodwin has particular expertise in public opinion research for political campaigns and public policy issues. He has conducted research and provided strategic campaign advice to dozens of candidates running for federal, state and local office across the nation. In addition, Mr. Goodwin has special expertise in ballot initiative and referendum campaigns. Mr. Goodwin’s public policy expertise includes issues such as taxes, health care, education, the environment, traffic and congestion and economic development. He has a particular expertise in winning ballot initiative campaigns on socially controversial issues, such as supporting the “right to die” and defeating the so-called “partial birth abortion” ban.

In addition to his extensive work with candidates, public agencies and non-profit sector clients use his opinion research to develop and advocate for specific public policies and programs. His unique combination of opinion research expertise and political insight provides his clients with winning strategies to accomplish their objectives.

Prior to joining his former firm of GLS Research, Mr. Goodwin served as a Vice President for Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin & Associates, a highly respected political polling firm. From 1988-1990 he served as the Director of Public Affairs for the Quality Education for Minorities Project at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has also served as the Director of Communications for the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (1985-87), as an account executive for Public Affairs Research and Communications (1984-85), and as a staff or volunteer on many political campaigns.

Mr. Goodwin earned an M.A. in Public Affairs from Princeton University in 1984, and a B.A. in Economics from the University of California at Davis in 1979. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and has been published in Campaigns and Elections magazine, the Los Angeles County Medical Association’s Physician magazine, and other publications. Mr. Goodwin is a member of the American Association for Public Opinion Research and the American Association of Political Consultants.