Rebekah Orr, Senior Research Director

Rebekah Orr has more than 15 years of experience in media relations, message development and communications strategy – all of which she employs to help our clients put public opinion research findings to work on the ground. Rebekah brings to her work significant expertise in developing and actualizing nuanced messaging around controversial and emotionally-complex social issues. As a researcher, Rebekah has conducted qualitative and quantitative research projects on a range issues, including women’s reproductive rights, charitable giving, racial and economic justice, climate change, death with dignity, and LGBT issues including reducing stigma, religious and family acceptance, enacting non-discrimination protections, and transgender-inclusive policies.

Rebekah has developed communications campaigns to achieve legislative and ballot victories, grow grassroots movements and the organizations advocating for them, elect progressive lawmakers at the state and local level, increase charitable and political contributions and shift public opinion on a range of progressive social issues. Her previous communications work has included public education, ballot campaigns, and legislative campaigns related to healthcare, equality for LGBT people, economic justice, consumer protection laws, environmental protection, and education.

Prior to joining GSSR, Rebekah provided strategic communications consulting to candidate and issue campaigns as an Account Executive at San Francisco-based political consulting firm Storefront Political Media. During the 2008 election cycle she served as the Director of Research and Communications for the Oregon AFL-CIO, where she created targeted persuasion campaigns that contributed to the organization’s first-ever election “sweep” by organization-backed candidates and ballot measure campaigns. Her work helped draw an unprecedented 200,000 new members to the organization in fewer than six months. In her role as Communications Director for the Oregon House Democratic Majority, Rebekah oversaw communications strategy to successfully advance an aggressive Democratic legislative agenda and provide incumbent protection as Democrats in Oregon regained control of the House for the first time in 16 years. In addition, Rebekah has served as the Director of Communications for Basic Rights Oregon and Equality California—two of the nation’s most influential statewide LGBT advocacy organizations, including communications strategy for their robust candidate political action committees and 2004 statewide ballot measure campaign.

Rebekah holds a Bachelor’s degree in both Women’s Studies and Journalism & Communications from the University of Oregon. She is a member of the American Association for Public Opinion Research.