Carla Aguirre Piris,  Senior Messaging Specialist

Recognized as a messaging expert for social change, Carla Aguirre Piris is a forward-thinking strategist with 17 years of success in orchestrating programs and initiatives to advance global gender equality and human rights. No stranger to challenging issues, Carla leverages her passion for developing powerful narratives and framing strategies to change minds and catalyze wide-spread positive change.
Before joining GSSR’s team, Carla worked to improve public discourse around reproductive health and rightsas the Communications Director at Planned Parenthood Global. Previously, she held advisory and leadershippositions at the Mexican government, the largest mass media company in the Spanish-speaking world, Article 19, and the United Nations. In each, she made waves that rippled in all the right directions, including defending freedom of expression, championing access to information, and promoting refugees’ rights with UNHCR. 

Originally from Mexico, Carla lives in San Jose, CA with her husband and two children. Lending to her global perspective is her years of study in Paris, Mexico City, Lisbon, and Venice while pursuing her MA in Human Rights and Democratization and BA in International Relations.